About Us

Pocket Adz.com is the connected venture platform which demonstrates diverse products and services to beneficiary consumers. Our intelligent web application identifies potential customers, nevertheless presents them with the ideal benefits for every preferred requirement. Pocket Adz renowned conglomerate generates value through high acknowledgement for presenting viewers with true quality products.

Pocket Adz.com’s leading advertisement podium profoundly augments visionary brands present in each city. Pocket Adz’s unique backend software prioritizes the market demand for an increased benefit to both buyers along with sellers. The web portal also analyses best as well as least served ad, where our unique proposition service enables them to sustain as well as improvise quality in business promotion. Here, the business growth is ultimate considering the prioritised needs consequently solved at the right time in a right way.

Our team’s ubiquitous expertise has proven excellence predominantly for every influential companies of varied sectors ranging from product selling, service sector, business outsourcing includes catering creative agencies. This empowers the superior virtue to gain returning customers who are principally valued at our responsive web portal.

It is our priority to develop phenomenal brands over market potential. We constantly endeavour to ease our client’s routine activities, moreover to contribute them with the best-in-class services.


To ease the process of business promotion through artificial intelligence providing the direct interactive platform between buyers and sellers


To equip every business return on investment, therefore assist in an increased sales among the competitive market.

Founder's Thought

Responsible prioritization is the primary feature programmed on Pocket Adz.com for an equivalent gain among the competition. We practice ethical process for all our associated businesses to instantiate significance throughout the business period.

By means of repetition in our merchandise gateway for advertisement, furthermore boosting venture growth maintenance has taught us that quality is the ultimate reason for success. We believe in the deliberate process and respond at each step to meet the customer expectation for the ultimate quality along with the necessary business benefaction.

Assured Business Visibility

We understand the primary need of every associated business accordingly, so we assist the organization to find the felicitous atmosphere by providing the most access friendly online business environment.

Our prioritized focus is to ensure that the suitable products are viewed by the targeted audience as we monitor continuously for the validated organization features, also often our strict adherence to procedural amplification is well appreciated by the venture leaders including industry owners. On due to the concentrated importance to magnify product benefits, athvik.com is preferred first by India’s buyer community as well as by the Product sellers.